Why PlayStation 3 (PS3) Is Much Better And Future Proof Than XBox 360

Posted by Kaushal Subedi | On: Jan 01 2012

Console wars have been going on since the beginning of the console era, first there was PlayStation1 vs Nintendo 62, then XBox vs PlayStation 2 and now XBox vs PlayStation 3. I am not a playstation fanboy or anything, but after a bit of research, i found that PS3 was far more superior than XBox 360 in a lot of different ways. I am going to list out things that PlayStation 3 has better than XBox 360 and vice versa. So here are some reasons that might make you want to get a PS3 instead of XBox 360:

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy

1) Cell Processor on PS3 vs Xenon on XBox 360

Cell Processor on PS3

Cell Processor on PS3

PlayStation 3 ships with Cell Processor (Also known as Cell Broadband Engine) clocked at 3.2 GHz, which is a processor used in one of the supercomputers in the world. XBox ships with Xenon Processor clocked at 3.2 GHz as well. Even though XBox’s processor is easy to program for, PlayStation’s processor really crunches XBox’s processor when it comes to raw computational power. PlayStation 3’s processor works in a different way then regular processors. It has one PPE, and Eight SPE’s. In simple words, you could say that PS3 has 9 cores in its processor. But they work differently than regular processor cores. The PPE is the general computing core, which can do everything a regular computer processor can do (it can handle all type of data). But the SPE’s are special cores which can only compute specific type of data, but they are built for that. SPE’s handle the floating point graphics calculation on PS3 games. In other hands, XBox’s processor only has 3 PPE’s and no SPE’s which makes it much easier for developers to program for it, because all 3 cores can handle any type of data, but hey, we are not buying a console to program for, thats the job of developers. Overall, Cell is much more powerful than XBox’s processor, and it can not only do general computation, but also Graphical computation too. Some more info can be found here. Cell processor was made by alliance of Sony, Toshiba and IBM also known as STI.

2) RSX Graphics Processor on PS3 vs Xenos on XBox 360

PS3 uses Nvidia made RSX (Reality Synthesizer) processor whereas XBox uses Xenos. Even though the XBox’s GPU is powerful than PS3’s RSX, PS3 will be able to handle Graphics better because its Cell processor does most of the Graphics calculation, and the GPU only does some calculations like Anti Aliasing and effects. But the XBox GPU does all (or most) of the Graphical Computation.

3) PS3 DualShock 3 Controller vs XBox 360 Controller

PlayStation 3 comes with the latest version of DualShock series of controllers from Sony, DualShock 3. XBox comes with XBox Controller, which was designed by Microsoft. DualShock 3 is lighter than XBox controller. XBox controller uses AA size batteries which need to be replaced when they run out, and they last for around 48 hours of continous use. DualShock 3 lasts for around 24 hours, but it has a inbuilt battery and can be charged via included charger or USB. XBox wireless controllers use proprietary frequencies to connect wirelessly, whereas DualShock 3 controller uses bluetooth which makes it easier and cheaper to replace it. Even thought the XBox controller looks much better than DualShock, DualShock feels much better and lighter while playing games. And who would go buy batteries everyweek or so for their controller when they could just charge it easily. Oh and one more thing, DualShock 3 has sixaxis sensors which are capable of detecting motion too, unlike the XBox controller.

XBox vs PS3 Controllers

XBox vs PS3 Controllers

4) Blueray Player on PS3 vs HD DVD on XBox 360

This is probably going to be the deciding factor for most people because this is the category that makes the consoles Future Proof. PS3 comes with a Blue Ray Drive, whereas XBox comes with a HD DVD Reader. When people talk about Blue Ray in PS3, they only think about the ability to play Blue  Ray movies on PS3 which is not that useful. But people forget that PS3 games also come in Blue Ray Discs which have higher storage capacity. Blue Ray discs can hold about 50 GB’s of data whereas HD DVD or Dual Layer DVD’s can only hold upto 8.XX GB’s of data. That is more than 5 times less than what BlueRay can hold. Many games that are being released nowdays and are going to be released in the future are going to be more than 8 GB’s, and XBox will have problems with that. Lots of XBox games released around 2011 like Mass Effect 2, Final Fantasy, BattleField 3 etc have 2 or more discs which need to be replaced while playing games. Well, that works for games that go through the mission, but think about open world games, like imagine playing gta v (not released yet) like that and imagine changing discs while going from one place to another. PS3 will not have this problem and will be future proof because Blue Ray supports 50 GB’s of data, which is more than enough for almost any game released to date. Also, PS3 games can support full 1080p HD resolution support, but due to lack of BlueRay XBox Games cannot usually fit full HD games on XBox Discs.

5) PlayStation Network vs XBox Live

I am sure people will get consoles to play online. Both consoles we are comparing have online services. But PSN (or PlayStation Network) is free whereas you have to pay $70 per year for XBL (or XBox Live). Most people believe that XBL is better than PSN, but personally i havent found anything wrong with PSN. So if you want to pay $70 for playing online, go for a XBox. You even have to pay to use third party online services like Netflix.

6) Hardware Quality

PlayStation and Sony as whole is known for its quality products. XBox has known problems like Red Ring of Death, error codes etc. And XBoxes are usually found to break easily. While PS3 also has some problems like YLOD, XBoxes are usually found to be more easily breakable. Oh and not to mention the poor customer support Microsoft provides for “FREE” to XBox customers.

7) Build Problems like Discs Scratching on XBox 360

You might have heard of XBox scratching discs without doing anything before. A lot of people have found their game discs scratched after removing from XBox. If you want to try for yourself, put a disc on xbox, start the game and shake your XBox a little, and bam! you got a free scratched disc. This has happened personally to me 2 times, so i must say that this sucks.

XBox Scratched Disc

XBox Scratched Disc

8 ) XBox 360 Power Brick

Have you seen that thing? It is almost the half of the size of XBox itself, whereas PS3 has a inbuilt power controller, so no power brick for PS3. The oversized power brick adds a extra layer of bulkiness on XBox. If you want a free power brick, get the XBox.

XBox Power Brick

XBox Power Brick

9) Multiplatform Games

This one is going to be a tough category to compare, because almost all multiplatform games perform the same on both platforms. Since the games will be optimised for both consoles, they will run somewhat same. XBox is the main developement platform for most games because of its easy to use software developement kit. But things are starting to change, and PS3 is slowly starting to become the main developement platform for most games because of the bottlenecks on XBox (like lack of BlueRay). GTA V, the newly announced game by Rockstar Games, is reported to be using PS3 as the main developement platform.

10) Exclusive Games

PS3 leads this category easily because XBox does not have a lot of good exclusive titles. Halo, Splinter Cell, Gears of War etc are the only mainstream exclusive titles for XBox 360, but they are not completely exclusive because Halo 2 etc were also available for PC. Kinect exclusives are avialable for XBox, but i dont think you would compare kinect adventures with uncharted 2 and 3. Playstation 3 has a good lineup of exclusives like Uncharted 1, 2 and 3, God of War III, Little Big Planet, KillZone, Infamous 2 etc.


PlayStation 3 Cons XBox 360 Cons
Some Games Like Halo Lack of BlueRay (Uses DVD)
Multi Disc Games
Cost for XBox Live
Red Ring Of Death
Scratches Discs
Lacks a Lot of Multiplatform Games
Uses battery on controller instead of charger
Bad Customer Support
Big Power Brick
No full HD Games

So, compare for yourself and decide what you want to get. For me PS3 is a way to go. Feel free to comment and share :) Have fun.


  1. Link says:

    There is no doubt that the PS3 has more power than the 360: Microsoft jumped the gun and released the 360 a bit earlier than they could have. If I remember correctly, they released the 360, and then they shot themselves in the foot by releasing the newer DirectX not long after.

    However, this article has a number of glaring inaccuracies and extreme biases that I will address.
    To demonstrate that I am not a particular fanboy of any console, note that I am a PC gamer primarily and PC gaming is the master race. I have a 1st generation 360 and the newest generation 360, and I also have the newest generation PS3. My oldest 360 has not suffered any red rings because I take proper care of it and make sure there is enough airflow, I don't leave it on all night, etc.. and I don't have any particular love of the 360 more than the PS3. I actually absoluely hate consoles because they're defining a lower standard of power requirements and graphics quality for software and games, and in general publishers have been making some very disgusting PC ports as of late. The way it used to be: the latest games would push the latest PC hardware to their limit, new, more powerful hardware would be created and bought to play these games. Repeat. Games used to be the driving force behind technological advancement! But now, games are made with lower requirements so that they'll run on consoles (which are technically always outdated; from the very day of their release). Now that we're sure I'm not biased, let's continue!

    First, power is not relevent to being future proof. The game library is what counts. The PS3 has nearly no worthwhile exclusive titles despite your list, and really the best they can offer for exclusive content is to re release every successful PS2 game (and they have been doing this shortly after removing PS2 backwards compatibility from the PS3; Sony are cunning bastards).

    Your review of the 360 is horrendously outdated. There are multiple models of the 360 as well as the PS3, as earlier models both shared a number of poor design choices that led to overheating. You completely neglect that the newer 360 model has full HD (in fact, only the very oldest 360 doesn't have full HD so I'm calling bullshit right here), and that reliability is no longer any more a relevant issue than it is for the PS3 (newer models have better airflow and are quite reliable).
    About Sony: when the FUCK is Sony EVER reliable? The playstation department at least has their act together, but Sony on the whole is the worst and most despicable company when compared to other brand merchandise (so yes, they are at a certain standard of quality to maintain their large brand name, but of all the name brands they are on the bottom of the list).

    As far as PSN vs Live: yeah live is kind of fucked up in that they restrict netflix and other services to paying customers only. It just doesn't make sense. However, you neglect to mention that xbox live comes with more features than the free PSN, and there is a 'premium' PSN service that you have to pay for to actually match what Live offers. So Live is essentially all or nothing, PSN has some paid features. I refuse to pay for Live regularly (I'll buy incrementally when they have a sale), but no one else seems to have a problem with it so apparently it isn't an outrageous expense to most 360 gamers. It's also *not* $70 a year… I just bought a 12 month subscription for $35, and it's usually $50.
    As far as how the two services actually compare: I think Live is much better at the social aspect, the way it organizes chatting, friends, parties, joining games, comparing games, etc.

    The power brick is a more reliable surge protector than the one built into the PS3. Nothing to be said here really; I don't mind the brick, and the newer model has a slightly less bulky one, although they made it use a proprietary power plug as opposed to a standard PC power cable. Fuck you, Microsoft.

    As far as HDDVD vs Bluray; it can't even be said that the 360 does HDDVD. It's a USB addon, and I don't think you can even buy it anymore. No games ever used it, nor will any future games use it. So the xbox is dual layer DVD for games, and I think it works as an upscaler for DVD movies. Multiple discs are annoying, but it's not a deal breaker. Also, the push to fit games on one disc for the PS3 actually causes a loss in quality in some rare cases: take Star Ocean 4. On the 360, it has 3 discs, and is 1080p. On the PS3, it's one disc, but is only 720p. See what they did there? Most PS3 games use single layer bluray, and due to the costs of bluray discs, let alone dual layer discs… games for the PS3 are, practically, limited to 25GB. However, games for the 360 can have up to 4 dual layer DVDs which are significantly cheaper to mass produce, giving them a maximum of 34GB to work with. This doesn't come up very often, but it is indeed a factor: unless the studio is willing or able to pay more for the distribution of their game, they will have less space available to them on the PS3, and they'll have to start cutting down somewhere.

    As for controllers, your points are entirely subjective. Some people have big hands and like the 360 controller better. Others like the PS3 controller better. I can't stand the way the PS3 controller places the joysticks right next to eachother so I went out of my way to get one similar to the 360 that works on PS3. You mentioned that a PS3 controller is cheaper; this is false. A quick look at amazon.com shows that a new PS3 controller is always $10-$20 more than a new 360 controller. Additionally, you can buy rechargable battery packs for the 360's controller and it will behave identically to the PS3 controller; charging by the wire and everything (and the 360's wire is significantly longer so you can actually use the controller while it's plugged in). But consider that a rechargable battery has a limited number of charge cycles before it no longer holds a charge and needs to be replaced. When that happens, with the 360's controller you can dig up some AAs to hold you over until you buy more rechargables. With the PS3 controller, you'll have to buy an entire new controller when the batteries in it fail, which as I pointed out previously is always more expensive than the 360 controller. That's roughly $55 for a dead PS3 controller, vs the $20 for some more rechachables for the 360 controller.

    Now let's discuss security. Everyone is vulnerable to hacking, but Sony is terrible at PR. They were in the 90s, they still are today. When the PSN was hacked, thousands of credit card numbers were taken from PSN. Sony didn't publically release that every PSN user's credit info was compromised until more than a week after it happened. They even initially lied, or at least weren't forthcoming about the incident. That is just insane; they should have let their users know about this within the same day of the hacking, so that users could have time to report their cards as stolen to banks before any fradulent charges were made. They waited over a week! A week! A warning to all PSN users: when you buy something from PSN, you are trusting Sony with your credit card information. This is a bad idea; a good practice is to remove your card from your account after buying. Add it again when you need to buy something else.

    The last thing that needs addressing is that a consoles staying power is completely irrelivent… Both Sony and Microsoft will have new consoles sooner or later.

    • I am too lazy to read or reply this! sorry 😛 haha

    • Tim Visee says:

      About the first thing, the PS3 does have way better preformance, but it’s hard for game programmers to use all it’s preformance because it works different than other systems. You say, XBox was released earlier, but that doesn’t give it the same preformance!

      (I was too lazy to read the other things)

    • Dat_D00d says:

      i will never buy or even take an Xbox free for that matter. you say Xbox is better but ive had no problems with sony sence my first product purchased so you can forget about saying there customer service and/or products suck. also, all the exclusive game are way better than Xbox. O and fyi ive owned 2 Xboxs…both have perished…and i’m a clean freak. and as for PSN >s.XBL there aint no comparison bro. PSN (free) XBL (lame). i’m fully satisfied with the ps3. I WILL NEVER BUY AN XFAG!!!!!! …

    • Andy North says:

      Read your whole comment, and I agree in most of it. Except for the fact that you consider yourself “neutral” to the discussion. Anyone who is a “PC-gamer” is bound to favor the XBOX, as it is, in the end, a PC.

      I’ll be honest. I like both of the controllers. It’s a matter of which one you’re used to/which one you grew up with. But to say that the battery in the PS-controller dies.. Ring the bullshit alarm. Rechargeable batteries aren’t that bad, and it goes for the PS- and the XBOX controller. However, the PScontroller can take a beating, whereas the XBOX cannot. (My experience may differ from yours)

      Now, I’ve never really gotten the XBOX Live-world, so I won’t comment on it, except that I don’t get it. (by this point, you all understand that I’m a PS-“fanboy” )
      The PSN isn’t bad though, socially speaking. It works, even though it has some bugs.

      The hacking thing was awful though, badly handled.

  2. Ace Malik says:

    wow your totally biased, so much so you put the wrong price of live
    kinect beats ps3 version
    ps3 has better hardware yes, but the games make the system and the ps3 has very few exclusives

  3. admin says:




    Microsoft winning the game dev by giving game developer tool under windows. Easy & fast is the key sucess for microsoft business.

  4. mymoon says:

    First of all, i own every console for the last few generations. I’m no fanboy of any consoles. In 2 years time, ,most probably, both sony and microsoft will release their new consoles. Microsoft will include a blueray drive in it. Rockstar will most probably program GTA V for the new console as a launch title. So the gamers will have to buy their new consoles to play GTA and all 3 companies will make millions of dollars.

    There is also a third company in the console business that produces low spec consoles. We all know it.
    i was playing super mario 25 years ago when i was a kid, i’m still playing super mario today and if i would have any kids they would most probably be playing super mario 25 years later (with me hopefully :) ). Games make the system and nintendo makes great games.

    The sales figures according to wikipedia:

    95.85 million (as of March 31, 2012)
    63.9 million (as of March 31, 2012)
    67.2 million (as of April 19, 2012)

    Nintendo ds:
    151.52 million, all models combined
    71.3 million

    • well thank you for the information but i dont understand what your point is. i am sure rockstar wont release the game as a xbox exclusive because that would limit its audience to only a fraction of what it has right now.

  5. Really biased everything he said was biased including shaking the console shake most things and they break and if you’re smart you can get live for 50 or less.

  6. tristan says:

    you forget to mention the fact that the ps3 is a pc and console in one with google internet browser built in also removable upgradeble hardrive i have a terrabite in mine what about you guys with the 360’s how about it hey ps3 also has both hddvd player inbuilt with upscaling along with blue ray and full upscailing capabilitys with all the latest audio proccesing for dolby true hd and dts hd master audio surround sound ect ect someone mentioned that sony as a brand is at the bottom of the scale…you obviously know nothing sony is number 1 in image build quality they are the high end products you buy if you have the money ask any proffesional you dont go out an buy samsung or ferguson or phillips if you have the cash anyone knows you go for sony because they are the most well built reliable tech for lcd an led tv giant of a company and check out the av forums and reveiws sony tv’s are regarded as high end ..obviously you can get custom brands but as far as highstreet brands go sony are un-equalled this is common knowlege by all tech savy people its a given…as brands go sony is number one you dont see technika putting premium prices on there tv’s you pay a premium on sony stuff because there products are high quality top end component filled machines they smash the rest out of the water..ok samsung has been doing well but they still are a budget cheaper image brand where as sonys image for lcd led plamas,a/v receivers and audio is second to none you pay more just for the label so you can say i have a sony tv so you need to get your facts right sony are number 1 on the list look it up you put them last most people cant even afford sony stuff ps3 is number one also american government has a super computer comprised of about 80 ps3’s joint together and use it as a power house of a computer because the actual processor in the ps3 is used in ibm’s supercomputers…not xboxs but sonys it has the n/vida toshiba and ibm joint built processor come on ibm for fuk sake there a giant there the boys..number 1 in computer power sony is also number one in build and reliability poles so you really need to do your homework before making yourself look stupid by making a coment that is completly untrue that cant be backed up by evidence just your sad lonley opinion also you were dumb enough to say you were not bias to either machine then just slated the ps3 an sony ..im not lieing to myself like you im 100% totally bias to sony as i have both machines and yes i liked the xbox but the ps3 totally smashes it out of the park it crushes the limited xbox ps3 is so much more than just a console its the whole home entertainment system you have everything you need in one box with internet browsers built in and internet gaming along with linux yellowdog ect ubuntu and more.. has never given me any trouble its perfect an most of all free…internet gaming is totally free ps3 kicks the xboxes butt so clearly and the funny thing is i think every xbox owner knows it in the back of there mind but stupid pride makes them hold on to the lie they tell themselves and hates it there is just so much more to ps3 ps3 is the future its bigger than just gaming now ..its moving into the whole house can be used for everything maybe new ones will have hd tv chanel decoders and skybox inbuilt satallite tv the future is limitless ps3 is the future of home entertainment i truely believe that.. and what can the xbox do it is limited and as for the chump taking about how disc have more space than blueray get a grip mate the games on bluerays have gigabytes of space left on them to spare while xbox games need multiple discs an also bluerays are so hard to scratch lol hahaaa

  7. copy says:

    x box 360 can use a copyd disc for $4 hell yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  8. chris says:

    what a fanboy article :)
    you forget the most important thing, the games.For western-gamers which dont want only this anime style crap, the 360 is clearly the better choice, better western-RPGs, better FPS, better platformers etc. and please dont forget to mention that most (not all) games for both platforms are clearly better on the 360 (check “lens of truth”).

  9. madmax2069 says:

    You are forgetting the YLoD the ps3s are going through. The ps3 is starting to drop like flies and the failure rates are climbing.

    The whole 1080p on 360 and 720 on ps3 is due to the fact the ps3 doesn’t have a scaling chip and the 360 does. But that means the 360 doesn’t have to output a game in true HD because it can rely on its scaling chip to artificially output a HD image.

    Oh and btw its Nintendo 64, not Nintendo 62.

    I’d much rather replace a power brick then have to replace the PSU in the ps3.

    Multiple disks don’t faze me, I just install then to the hdd, the ps3 actually has a limitation in this regard. Most ps3 games don’t even use all the storage on a bluray disk, most use around what a dual layer DVD has, plus the data rates of the bluray drive in the ps3 are much lower then the drive in the 360.

    The 360 has 512mb ram that’s fully shared, plus it has 10mb of video ram on the GPU. the ps3 is 256/256 locked split and can not be adjusted.

  10. Biggsy says:

    Console wars have been going on since the beginning of the console era, first there was PlayStation1 vs Nintendo 62, then XBox vs PlayStation 2 and now XBox vs PlayStation 3. I am not a playstation fanboy or anything, but after a bit of research, i found that PS3 was far more superior than XBox 360 in a lot of different ways. I am going to list out things that PlayStation 3 has better than XBox 360 and vice versa. So here are some reasons that might make you want to get a PS3 instead of XBox 360:

    Kaushal Subedi
    4 wks, 1 day ago
    umm i think you got my article wrong. read it again bro i like ps3 over xbox anyday of the year

    If you’re going to lie, at least try & remember what your lies are. So how are you enjoying the DLC for Skyrim, oops sorry I forgot the PS3 is just so damn difficult to code. Another question, how many times has the PSN gone down, in the last couple or years. I don’t play Xbox 360, but I can’t handle people talking out of their backsides.

  11. live chat says:

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  12. Xbox 360 sucks,
    PS3 Rocks!
    Kausal, i also figured out that playing around with xbox 360 made me feel bore.
    Also its adjustment capacity is low.

  13. umair says:

    I absolutely agree with your points. Even playing on ps2 for 5 years I eventually fall in xbox trap. But then I realized that why am I paying 79 $ a year to play online? When I already bought the game paying full price. And after halo , gears and alan wake microsoft hardly came with anything new. Where as playstation 3 had like 5 exclusive titles every year since the launch.
    And I am sure I hated the power brick and when finally I was going to buy a blu ray player I quickly decided to buy ps3 and I am happy since then. Sold my xbox360.
    P.S: there is no difference in online multiplayer games on both consoles except that I dont have to pay 79 $ a year for xbox 360.

    Ps2 won in last gen and ps3 won this gen for me.

    Ps4 is the console for me next year.

  14. Karissa says:

    Amazing template of blog! What is it called?

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