HTC HD2 Loader Download – Unbranded MAGLDR V1.13

Posted by Kaushal Subedi | On: May 21 2011

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Original Thread:

Hello XDA,
How many of you are waiting for next version of MAGLDR? I am one of them. But in the meantime, how many of you want to make your device work like a native android device? And again, i am one of them. I had been using cLK on my HD2 just because MAGLDR shows a big ass GO GO GO! screen before booting the kernel which kinda annoys me. It was going all fine, until i started having connection problems on 3g network with cLK. I wanted to switch back to MAGLDR just for the network connection but again, i didnt feel like doing it. So i finally decided to do some hex editing to change all the MAGLDR Branded text to something else so that it looks like its officially from HTC and share with you guys. Here are some major changes in text:

MAGLDR => Loader
aMAGLDR => Loader
By Cotulla 2011 => HTC Boot Menu
WPH Boot => Windows
AD Boot SD => Android SD
AD Boot NAND => Android Boot NAND
GO GO GO! => Starting!
Better Error Texts
Fixed Some Spelling Mistakes
Changed The First Letter Of Texts To Capital (Not Everywhere)
Lot More….

This is based on the latest 1.13 MAGLDR by Cotulla. I didn’t make this and all the credits for the bootloader goes to Cotulla and DFT. My camera is out for repair so i couldn’t take a picture, but if you have taken a picture, PM the download link to me and i will include it on this post. But here is a basic look of boot menu.


Loader V2.10
Build: May 10 2011 04:31:07
HTC Boot Menu
Boot Menu:1. Windows
2. Android SD
3. Android NAND
4. USB MassStg
5. USB Flasher
7. AD HardReset
8. AD Recovery
9. Tetris
10. Services
11. Reset
12. PowerDown



I have tried my best to make it as unbranded as possible. And no matter if there is his name or not in the bootloader, we should never forget that Cotulla And DFT are the ones that made this, big thanks to them.



1) Back Up Your Data (NANDROID Preferred)
2) Power Off Your Phone
3) Get Ready



1) Download The File On Downloads Section
2) Extract The Files
3) Go To The Extracted Files Folder
4) Open ‘Loader 2.10 KSubedi’ Folder
5) Hold The Volume Down + Power Keys on Your Phone Untill You Get To The MultiColor Screen
6) Run “ROMUpdateUtility.exe” on the folder and Follow The Steps.
7) Enjoy! (Don’t Forget to Install ClockWorkMod and Restore Your Backup.

Extra: How To Perform And Restore A NANDROID Backup


1) Follow Steps For Installation (Thats All!)


XDA Members => File Attached
Non XDA Members => Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What changes have you made?
A. Just the texts, nothing else.

Q. How do i know if this works?
A. It should work on any Device where MAGLDR works.

Q. Do i need to install MAGLDR before this?
A. Nope  , This is MAGLDR, except for all the brandings.

Q. Thank You
A. Say thanks to Cotulla too 

Q. Will i loose my data after i do this?
A. Yes, but you wont if you backup and restore. Check the link after installation insctructions.

Q. Did you add any new features?
A. Nope, i just changed texts, using HEX Editor, so nothing else is changed, anything that existed on MAGLDR exists here (Even Tetris  )

Q. Will you Debrand future versions?
A. Yes, if released.

Q. Can you please debrand cLK?
A. Aw, C’Mmon, it doesn’t have any branding.

Q. I am Cotulla, get ready for getting punched really hard!!!
A. Umm… PM Me, Ill remove this 

Q. Will this brick this device?
A. Nope, but if you are unlucky, Yes.

Q. Did you embed some secret virus on it?
A. Yes, it eats your cat (JK 😛 )

Q. Will this void my warranty?
A. Yes, but your phone can be brought to default again.

Q. I have one more question, where do i ask?
A. Post a reply on this thread. Ill help.

Q. I love this 
A. Press the Thanks button.

Q. I hate this 
A. Im sorry.

Note: I do not take any responsibility for any damages caused by this. I have tried it on my HD2 and it works perfectly (Clockworkmod, Rom and everything), so it should work on yours too. Enjoy 



  1. Navin says:

    download tah gare bt kasko mob ma use garne chai tha chaina 😀

  2. Russ says:

    I really want to be able to use Rom Manager on my HD2 so I can experience the added conveinance and features it purportedly comes with, but have heard “clk” gives bad internet connection stability so I havent tried it. That being said, my question is do you know anything about that, how bad is the stability issue, can it or has it been fixed. It seems apparent “clk” is not ready yet for serious users who want android on the HD2 What do you or anyone have to say about this??

    [email protected]

    any comments help or tips will be greatly appreciated Thank-You!

  3. [email protected] says:

    how to Hard spl for spl 2.00.1000 XE…

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